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Rural house for up to 14 people groups

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Let us know your vacation plan and we will recommend you the best renting option for you.

We remind you that Urkiolaenea puts at your disposal 3 renting options:

  1. 1. The whole house

    Five bedrooms, four restrooms, two kitchens, one living hall, one txoko and one terrace.
  2. 2. Txoko

    (1st floor) one bedroom, one kitchen, one restroom and one txoko.
  3. 3. Apartment

    (2nd and 3th floor) Four bedrooms, one kitchen, three restrooms, one living room and one terrace.

Regardless of the renting modality you choose, you will have access to the lower floor, where the games area (football-table, pool, ping-pong) and the barbecue grill are located.

The whole house

Urkiolaenea, as a whole, has three floors where five bedrooms, four restrooms, two kitchens, one living room, one txoko and one terrace are distributed.

It is perfect for both family and friends group staying. We recommend this option to groups of more than eight people.


The txoko occupies the first floor of Urkiolaenea. It has one bedroom, one kitchen, one restroom and the txoko room.

It is appropriate for both couples and families.


The apartment is composed by the upper floors (2nd and 3rd) of Urkiolaenea. It has 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, 3 restrooms, a living room and a terrace.

It is the best option for medium groups of 5-8 people and for couples that would like to enjoy a romantic staying.

Couple Vacation Plan


If you come alongside your couple, we recommend you the apartment as the best option. You will enjoy a cozy room with lovely views of the Gorbea park landscape.

Friends plan


If you come alongside a group of friends, the apartment (2nd and 3rd floor) is the more suitable option. It has four bedrooms, kitchen, three restrooms, a wide living room and terrace.

We suggest some outdoor activities and sports that will provide for an unforgettable experience.

More than 8 people?

Family Plan


If you travel alongside your couple and children, our recommendation is to rent the txoko.

We put at your disposal a bedroom with two single beds and two bulks for children. If requested, we can add extra beds in the txoko room.

More than 8 people?

Plan for groups of more than 8 people

The whole house

Our sincere recommendation is renting the whole house, this way you will be able to enjoy in exclusive the totality of our services.

We remind you that Urkiolaenea has 5 bedrooms with capacity for 12 adults and 2 children. Please, contact us in case extra beds are required.